Editorial Board

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board at the Myanmar Economic Forum was convened in late 2017 and was responsible for the shaping the subject matter / editorial agenda of our monthly Economic Development and Outlook Discussions in 2018 along with our 2018 annual Conference.

As a forward looking view, the Editorial Board at the Myanmar Economic Forum is anticipated to comprise of a full time Executive Director and be supported by a staff of Research Fellows that will augment White Papers and work with our various Committees to pursue other engagement & program activities it sees fit and also work in conjunction with the team at the Asian Economic Forum to enable synergies across platforms.

We are especially thankful to the Editorial Board of 2018 for their contributions and welcome the incoming Committees Co-Chairs and thank them in advance for their leadership.

Further updates on the newly constituted Editorial Board will be made in due course.

If you would like to engage with the Editorial Board on any economic discussion subject, please email us at