We have the following Committee’s that act independently to serve the larger interest of all Economic engagement activities between our Members and important local and global stakeholders.

The objectives of all our Committees is as follows:

To engage on economic issues with the Government, its key policy makers, regulators and relevant ministries on domain subjects that fall within the focus of the Myanmar Economic Forum and its stakeholders.

The “Financial Sector Committee” is a member / stakeholder driven initiative to help engage with various policy makers, central bankers at the Central Bank of Myanmar along with other multilateral stakeholders that operate within the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

This committee is currently being co-Chaired by:

Kyawt Kay Khaing, Deputy CEO, United Amara Bank Limited

Thuang Han, Managing Director, CB Insurance Public Limited & CB Securities Limited

If you would like to engage with the Financial Sector Committee Co-Chairs on any related policy discussion subject, please email us at [email protected]

In addition at the Asian Economic Forum we are in the early formation stages of the:

Myanmar Outreach Committee

If you would like to provide some Myanmar related economic engagement and outreach leadership within the Asian Economic Forum, please email us at [email protected]