About Us

About Us

The Myanmar Economic Forum is a Yangon based “think tank” focused on all things economics related with a research interest in public policy.

Operating from Yangon, Myanmar we are a platform for local and global stakeholders to meet and discuss ideas and solutions for the long term sustainable economic development and advancement of Myanmar.

Our focus to date has been to explore solutions via dialogue on the following themes:

How to best integrate Myanmar into the global financial markets to include facilitating a dialogue and discussion amongst various stakeholders related to Sovereign ratings, Banking sector analysis, Payment solutions & Insurance market development.

Policy Impacts for Increased FDI into Myanmar (with an emphasis on an institutional framework of policies for “Public Private Partnerships” & “Sustainable Infrastructure Development”).

Our objective is to help contribute to various macro-economic policy discussions that effect Myanmar’s growth and development ranging from banking and finance to infrastructure development to foreign investment policy issues to a broad range of industry specific challenges and their potential solutions.

As we look forward to the future we have a Research interest in Public Policy and seek your active participation in our journey.

Come join the platform … be part of the dialogue.

Follow us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/myeconomicforum