Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

Pursuant to the Board of Directors resolutions dated April 21st, 2021, we have assigned and moved the objective of the administration of this platform, i.e. the Myanmar Economic Forum – from our Myanmar based entity i.e. the Asian Economic Forum Company Limited to a US non-profit entity – Asian Economic Forum.

Until such time as Democracy is restored in Myanmar or it is deemed safe to commence operations in Myanmar – our Board of Directors is replaced by a Board of Managers, housed at the Asian Economic Forum.

Statements and posts on this website serve as a reference point of our various past activities to include, conferences, discussions, engagements and other initiative that were undertaken from 2015 onwards for the “long term sustainable economic development and advancement of Myanmar“.

We pray and work towards the emergence of a democratic Myanmar that will reemerge one day, for all its citizens, ethnic minorities (including the disenfranchised) and all its stakeholders, sometime in the near future.

The Board of Directors at the Asian Economic Forum Company Limited (the Myanmar company that manages the Myanmar Economic Forum) is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Myanmar Economic Forum and oversight of all matters as it relates to that of keeping the Asian Economic Forum Company Limited a company in good standing amongst both its local (Myanmar) and global stakeholders.
The Board of Directors* is comprised of the following individuals:
Lillian Wang, Senior Director and Country Director (Myanmar) VISA Inc.
(Board of Directors term expiration end of Q4 2021)
Cheery Zahau, Country Program Director (Myanmar)  Project 2049 Institute & UN HRC Representative of Persons of Concern Myanmar.

(Board of Directors term expiration end of Q4 2021)

Dinesh Ahluwalia, Founder, Myanmar Economic Forum, Asian Economic Forum Company Limited.
(Ex-officio position on the Board of Directors)

* It was recommended and resolved at the Board of Directors meeting held on Saturday, February 8th, 2020 that a 2-year term limit be placed on all independent Board of Director members with a 1-year absence before the consideration for another 2-year term.

As part of our history, we also wish to recognize the valuable time commitments of our previous Board of Directors during the tenure of their 2 year terms. 

Dr. Thet Thet Khine, Member of Parliament, House of Representatives & Founder of the People’s Pioneer Party, Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
(Board of Directors term expired end of Q4 2020)

John Fleming, Senior Commercial Officer and First Secretary at US Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar
(Board of Directors term expired end of Q4 2019)

If you would like to engage with the new Board of Managers on any subject related to the strategic direction or objectives of the Myanmar Economic Forum, please email us at