The journey of our becoming an economic public policy “think tank” with a research interest in public policy can be traced to our outreach in helping in the capacity development initiatives in early 2016.

The subject of our first Discussion:

“Macroeconomic Challenges and the Development of a Sovereign Credit Rating”

was initiated on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 and hosted courtesy the US Embassy at the Teak House. The conversations included an overview from Benjamin Cushman, US Treasury Attaché for Southeast Asia, noted Economist Dr. Bruce Bolnick and a presentation from Atsi Sheth, Head of APAC Sovereign Risk Group, Moody’s Investors Services.

Our thanks Deputy Chief of Mission, Kristen Bauer, US Embassy for her Opening Remarks and her hosting this discussion.

With the passage of time, we now host and engage in a number of economic and policy related discussions both in Myanmar and regionally in South East Asia to include our Economic Development & Outlook Discussions and important Engagement related conversations.

If you would like to engage with any of our Committee Co-Chairs on any economic discussion subject, please email us at [email protected]